Sam "Spark" Clarke

Male elf decker


Lives in the Renton sprawl.

Spark started out by scavenging through abandon warehouses and dump sites around Renton and on the edge of Redmond for old electronics. He would then sell any parts he found. He got his first cyberdeck from the corpse of a decker that had tried to splice into a bulk data line on a bad day. Even after several decades of upgrades and overhauls, the lines running under Redmond are temperamental on their best days. This decker had obviously not done it on one of the best days. The cyberdeck was fixable, but the same couldn’t be said for the former owner’s fried wetware.

Spark took the cyberdeck to DOT.trx to get it fixed up and almost set the place on fire when some huge sparks flew out of the box while Spark was swapping out faulty components. In the end Spark had the start of a new career, and a handle to go with it. DOT.trx didn’t seem too happy about the whole mess, but the dwarf also lacked a sense of humor.

Since then, Spark has expanded his scavenging from loose bits of technology to include loose bits of data (with his cyberdeck helping to loosen said data). He has also formed a good business relationship with Ah’live, a local fixer, who often calls upon him for his cyberspace skills.

Sam "Spark" Clarke

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